The 20 Best Places to Visit in March for a Memorable Spring Break

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In the spring, many people are looking for a memorable vacation. The best destination to visit in March is usually somewhere warm and sunny. But not everyone can afford to travel all over the world for a good vacation. The best vacation destinations are usually the ones that make you want to go back. The best destination for spring break? Maybe not, but it’s still a great destination for vacationers looking for a memorable experience.

1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – I do love a good beach vacation, and it’s hard to beat Puerto Vallarta for a great spring break destination. Punta Mita is usually on my list of the best beach vacation spots because there is always a beautiful white sand beach that you can explore. The people in Puerto Vallarta are incredibly friendly and will make you feel welcome no matter what your age or status is.

2. Montego Bay, Jamaica – Montego Bay on Jamaica’s north coast is one of my favorite destinations for spring break because it has the best beaches in all of Jamaica! There are so many beautiful, sandy beaches to explore and the people in Montego Bay are very welcoming.

3. Mexico City – This city is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Mexico, and when you’re in Mexico City it’s hard not to focus on how amazing this place is every time you look out your window. However, spring break is one of my favorite times of year because I have a renewed love for traveling and experiencing new places!

4. Punta Mita, Mexico – I love swimming, so it makes sense that Puerto Vallarta would be one of my favorite places for a spring break beach vacation. !

5. El Paso, Texas – I’ve always loved the feeling of being in a new place with no ties to the past. I love that El Paso has so much to offer and is still very close to the rest of Western Texas!

6. Panama City Beach, Panama – The beaches of Panama City Beach are spectacular and it’s hard not to think about some of my favorite memories from spring break in this beautiful beach town!

7. La Paz, Bolivia – One thing you need at Spring Break is a good tan! The sand and water here are both gorgeous and there aren’t many people around which means you can get away from the rest of the world for a little bit.

8. Campeche, Mexico – Campeche is a UNESCO World Heritage site and I love that it’s only an hour or so south of Mérida on Highway 1.

9. Rennes, France – Rennes is a city in the west of Brittany in western France at the confluence of the Saison and Binnie rivers. Rennes is a center for heritage, industry, and science, with a historic center and ancient walled town preserved in the park of its former bishopric.

10. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba – Home of the Moncada Barracks and the only one of Cuba’s cities with a street named after Fidel Castro.

11. Cancun, Mexico – All of the beaches here are great and I love that you can stay on shore as well as snorkel off it!

12. Punta del Este, Uruguay – This city is a hotspot for partying during Spring Break so go prepared if you want to go out for a night or two! 13. Valparaiso, Chile – If a tropical beach is what you need to escape from it all for a while, then Valparaiso will be the place for you! Check out one of their incredible nightlife spots on Sunset Strip Beach or the beautiful city’s main strip called Las Americas Avenue!

14. Las Vegas, Nevada – This amazing city has more on offer than just gambling (there are also plenty of bars) and there’s even an incredible art museum in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

15. Panama City Beach and Pensacola Beach, Florida – These two beaches are both popular for jet-skiing and swimming so be prepared for the sun!

16. Fort Lauderdale, Florida – This city is home to pretty much everything else you could want in a vacation destination. Of course, the weather is a major draw for tourists, but the beaches might just be the best in the entire country.

17. San Francisco, California – Seen as one of the greatest ‘minor’ cities on earth; this fun and the funky city has plenty more to do than just shopping elsewhere in America.

18. Grand Cayman Island – Most people recommend a visit here but it’s not advisable for swimming or anything like that so don’t be tempted to come here if you’re an inexperienced swimmer!

19. Antigua, Guatemala – At the same time, be careful that you’re not being lured into a nightclub situation because this city is very touristy.

20. Naples, Italy – This fun and naughty city offers plenty of entertainment as well as a great variety of restaurants and bars. Endorsed as one of the best values in Italy and widely regarded as a holiday favorite, Naples is an ideal spot to take advantage of its relaxed atmosphere.

What is the most memorable and memorable place on a spring break vacation? The answer may be different for everyone. For some, it will be the beach, while others will choose to visit a nearby city. But whichever destination you choose, you’ll have to make sure that your travel experience is as memorable as possible.

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